The Magical Vinegar Hair Detangler

My sweet baby girl on her birthday

My lovely Lou was born with a full head of fiery red hair. Since that day four years ago, her hair has grown and grown and grown and I have been blessed with the motherly job of combing it. It has been a struggle, to say the least, to manage my lovely Rapunzel's hair. I have spent countless hours of my life combing, brushing, braiding, and conditioning my daughter's hair while she winces and cries in pain. Hair maintenance for my girl has not been a fun ride. Too. many. tears. fallen.

I just about gave up last summer. Her hair was out of control. Between the swimming lessons and spending the day at the lake I was combing her hair 2 to 3 times a day. She was unhappy and I was unhappy. Something needed to change and it looked like there was only one solution. Her hair needed to be cut. When I brought this idea up to Louisiana, she had a nuclear reactor meltdown. You see, her favorite movie is about a girl with long hair. When her hair gets cut, it changes to dark brown. This apparently is a deal breaker for my four year old. No matter how many times I explained that Tangled is actually not real life and just a movie, she just wouldn't budge. No hair cut for her. Once again screwed over by Disney.

Secretly though I was pleased, I love her hair and couldn't really imagine cutting it. So I did what any mother would do. I turned to the internets to solve my problem. I quickly found what would solve what would end our hair crisis. Vinegar.

Her tangled hair normally took me about 40 minutes to completely comb out

Who knew that once again vinegar would save the day? After using a shitty chemical filled detangler for the past 4 years I was shocked to learn that vinegar had been used for centuries to make women's hair shiny and knot free. A simple solution of vinegar and water and I was ready to go. I sprayed her hair and began to comb.

The rest is history. Her hair has never been more beautiful and the amount of time it takes to comb out her hair has been cut in half. She's happy, I'm happy. Good thing daddy makes vinegar.

In all her hair glory

Magical Vinegar Hair Detangler

8 oz. H20

2 oz. Vinegar

1 dried sprig of lavender (to tone down the smell, I don't do this as my child loves the smell of vinegar, must be the whole chef dad thing)

*use detangler every other day. I've noticed using every day dries out the girl's hair

*you can also use this on your own hair for shine. I do a vinegar rinse about once a week and my hair has got the super shine.

*this detangler can also be used as a dog rinse. My pitbull Potato has severe skin allergies and after a vinegar rinse he is one happy dog!