Flying to Italy

We packed our bags and headed to the airport. Next stop Italy!

Delta really went above and beyond on our journey. Every step of the way the people who worked for Delta were kind and over the top attentive to all of our needs. They changed our seats so we could all sit next to each other and even put us in a row that had extra seats so we could spread out. The kids also got to meet the pilots and sit in the cockpit. The pilot forced me to do the same after I told him I was scared of flying. Didn't really calm my nerves but pretty cool nonetheless. Our flight with Delta really gave me hope that airlines still have a chance to be great again. 

After a mighty long day of travel we drove directly to Lake Como to meet up with George Clooney. Unfortunately George wasn't home so we settled for this guy:

Let our italian family vacation commence!!

Stay tuned. I plan on getting my blog (and wine drinking) on. Stories of Italian debauchery to come...