Today a blogger, Tomorrow a TV Host

Sometimes the internet acts in the most peculiar ways. Last week we saw the internet raise over half a million dollars for a woman they didn't know who got bullied by the most monstrous children I have ever seen. My twitter friend Alana found herself in the midst of a social media frenzy after a review she posted about a fitness studio was eviscerated by the fitness studio owner on Twitter. The internet is a powerful tool sometimes and it seems that now I know first hand. Back in May I posted this on my Facebook page:


A local morning host had resigned and I just happened to be watching it go down on the telly. Without thinking I quickly posted to my facebook and my twitter. I was half joking but had always thought there needed to be more of a highlight on food on the local morning shows. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing chefs cook in the 'set kitchen' but there is SO much more in Cleveland related to food than 1 man or woman cooking. I went on with my day and completely forgot about what I had posted on the internet earlier that morning.

Fast forward a couple days later and I start receiving emails from people at WKYC who had seen my tweet. They were interested in having me co-host the morning show, would I be interested?  Nervously I accepted.

Tomorrow morning I will be co-hosting Good Company at 10am on WKYC. I am nervous as all hell but am kinda excited. On Friday I got an email of the segments and questions pertaining to them that I will spend all night reading and rereading. I am also cooking on the show some fun & healthy summer treats for the kids made with three ingredients. I would love it if you all would tune in and tweet and facebook and shout from the mountain tops about me co-hosting Good Company on WKYC. I need all the backup I can get.

For serious though, I am truly excited about this opportunity. Who knows what doors it will open or what will come of the experience? Maybe next year I'll be co-hosting on The Chew (watch out Michael, I'm coming for ya!). Heh heh.