Tips for the Drive-In Movie Theatre

The Chef and I both have an unhealthy obsession with the drive in movie theatre. Our obsession began way back in '96 when we were an item and has now found it's way back into our lives and the lives of our mini's. Our house is about 30 minutes from the Mayfield Drive In and we have already found ourselves there twice in the past two weeks. We LOVE the drive in. We love it so much that I thought I would share a couple tips to have the best drive in movie night ever! Check 'em out:

1. Arrive early!!!

Summer love 

There a couple reasons for this rule. If it is a weekend night the drive-in will fill up at least an hour before showtime. There are also specific rows designated for bigger cars (suv's) that can be very very very far away from the screen. Last week we arrived an hour before showtime and still ended up in one of the back rows (which really isn't that bad but still...) Another reason to get to the drive in early is for the kids. The mini's meet and then play with kids they have never met before. Then every time we come after the know people and the group of kids just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  This past week, the boy met a group of kids playing TV tag. TV TAG!!! Can you believe it?

2. Bring Places to Sit (besides the car)

The mini's may have been a little excited to watch Brave

The Chef is not as big on chairs at the drive in but he still brings them. I am not a HUGE fan of laying on the ground or in the back of our suv (that's totally for sale by the way). I like to watch the movies sitting up. It helps me stay awake for the double feature. You should also bring blankets, pillows, and warm clothes including socks. Even though it might be hot during the day, an open field at night gets plenty chilly.

3. Bring Your Own Food

I heart Trader Joe's

Most drive in's charge a bring your own food fee. Our drive charges $4.00 and I totally get it. The concession stand is where they make the money. Hell it's $18/car which is half of what our family pays to see a traditional movie. For us the concession stand food is gross. Some may like fried nachos or frozen burgers, me not so much. So I hand over the $4.00 and eat my Trader Joe's seaweed snacks like a champ. The kids always pick out something fun before we go to the theatre and no one leaves with a bellyache.


Because Lou & I have magical fairy blood we hide in the car from the bugs. They like us way too much.

I am a crazy person when it comes to bugs. I CANNOT stand bugs. Hate 'em with a passion. The drive-in happens to be the vortex of bugs, especially at dusk. I also don't like DEET so my bug spray choices are limited. Thus far my favorite bug spray that actually works is California Baby Natural Bug Repellant. I also like to bring these candles, they smell good and they manage to keep those annoying bugs at bay.


Time to get your DRIVE-IN on!!


If you are in the CLE and are looking for a drive-in near you:

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