Chef's Widow has a 7 year old

Catcher, today, July 6th 2012

At night he reads me poetry. As he finishes, his mind jumps to a story that he forget to tell me earlier in his day. Slowly taken over by sleepiness he rambles on & on, soon, his eyes will be heavy and his mouth will gently close. As I sit by his side, I take him in. He is so beautiful to me when sleeps, so peaceful and happy. This time of night always reminds me of what our lives are really about. He reminds without even knowing his does. We are a family built on love and he was the reason it all began. Each day I have become better all because of a little boy who changed my heart forever, my little boy who has the power to consistently show me how amazing this life can truly be.

Happy Birthday Catcher. Thank you for you. 


Hard to believe Chef's Widow has been celebrating all these years! Time flies when your having fun.Check out some of the amazing times Catcher has given us over the past 7 years:

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