Chef's Widow (almost) gets into a fight at Sweetie Fry

Friday night #teamsawyer found ourselves at Sweetie Fry after the boy's birthday dinner. Sweetie Fry is an ice cream/fry shoppe located in Cleveland Heights that we have quickly fallen in love with(I double dog dare you not to like the coconut ice cream with hot fudge). The ice cream is homemade & interesting, and the fries rival any chef owned restaurant. The line is long & windy, but the wait is totes worth it. As we waited for our scoops on Friday an older lady in white tennis shoes & grandma shorts walked in to the tiny ice cream shope and immediately made her way in front of us. I politely told her that the people were waiting in line and pointed towards the end. She continued moving ahead of us and began reading the menu to her daughter, blatantly ignoring me. As the customers moved forward she began to inch her way in front of our little family. The Sweetie Fry ice cream scooper asked who was next and the mean old lady shoved her way in front of us and began to yell her order at the guy. The Chef stepped in and told the woman that we had been waiting in line. She continued to order. The Chef moved on to place his order with another person as I spoke up. I reminded her again that we had been in line and she immediately got defensive and told me she had a young child. She then began to yell that "it was no big deal and I should settle down." Not wanting to punch a 50 year old in an ice cream shop on my son's 7th birthday I walked away but not before I posted this on

The Chef and I got our ice cream and the mean old lady took her attitude home. The peeps at Sweetie Fry saw the whole thing go down and profusely apologized to us. We laughed it off and thanked them for their awesome ice cream.


Lesson Learned: Don't fuck with a 50 year old line jumper at an ice cream shop.