Chef's Widow Loves Sleigh Bells

Every now and then the Chef & I get to let loose and partake in some adult activity. Last week the  Chef talked me into going to see one of his favorite bands, Sleigh Bells. The band had eaten at the restaurant and gave our entire staff tickets to the show. We called our babysitter and headed downtown to House of Blues:  

Alexis, rockstar extraordinaire leading lady of Sleigh Bells enjoying some Noodlecat

The Chef & his Widow


Alexis sends Chef some love

The show was AMAZING times infinity. Alexis is by far the best front women of a band I have seen in I can't tell you how many year. Her voice is wicked powerful and the show she puts on is so ROCKSTAR. I must admit that when I first heard Sleigh Bells album I wasn't impressed but after watching and listening live I can declare myself a fangirl! If you like rock & roll and you like drum & bass/techno/dubstep then Sleigh Bells is for you. Check 'em out!!


Have you seen any good shows this summer? Any shows coming up that can't be missed?