Chef's Widow Disney Surprise

Part of being married to a Chef is traveling. Most times, the Chef is on his lonesome and the mini's and I are stuck at home. However, a few times a year we get to tag along on one of the Chef's many culinary adventures. The Epcot Food & Wine Festival is one of my favorite events of all time and as a 33 year old adult I can't help but look forward to it each year. This year, after getting invited to participate, the Chef and I decided to keep our trip to Disney a secret from the mini's until moments before we had to leave. For 6 months, we kept quiet, throwing around hints casually and trying not to share our super secret.

Yesterday morning our surprise plan came to fruition. The Chef and I woke up early and got ready for the trip. The car was packed, breakfast was on the table, and the kids were none the wiser. Until this...

Epcot Food & Wine Festival here #teamsawyer comes!!!