Chef's Widow has a 5 Year Old!

She came to us at a time of uncertainty.  The Chef was in the midst of leaving his executive chef job in the city and I was just getting back into the swing of balancing motherhood and work. We had barely been parents for two years. How in the hell could we handle another baby? She flew into our lives like a fireball, five years ago today. The uncertainty and tribulation of those days seems so trivial now that we are lucky enough to know and love her.

She has grown up quickly, too quickly for my tastes. So goes life I suppose. Her grand entrance changed the path of our lives forever. She brought us home. In all her fiery glory, she was supposed to be a part of us. It was the plan. Even if it really wasn't.

Happy 5th Birthday my sweet Louisiana. You light the fire inside of me every day.

 Biggie Smalls 2012 School Picture