Chef's Widow Goes (back) to Hollywood

Yesterday was one of the weirdest days of my life. As I was driving home from the kids nightly activities of dance and ukulele lessons, I got a text from my friend in Hollywood. She works in the movie industry and a few years back I was fortunate enough to attend the Academy Awards with her.

Dress by Valerie Mayen 

I opened the message and saw a picture alongside three words: COME TO LA.  As I looked closer I saw why she had so sternly insisted I come to LA within a moments notice. My number #1 favorite actor celebrity crush chef doppleganger would be attending the screening of his new movie The Impossible and my friend wanted me to come along knowing how much I heart him. I laughed it off and responded with a simple plea. Ask the Chef to fly me out...

Giddy with the silly dream of meeting Mr. McGregor I called the Chef.  Strangely enough he walked thru door as his phone began to ring. My high school giggle could barely be hidden as the words started nervously coming out of my own mouth. "So I was wondering...hee hee hee...what you thought...hee hee hee...if I went to LA this weekend....giggle giggle giggle. You see my friend from Hollywood text me and told me about a little screening that Ewan McGregor and she would be attending and you know I've always really liked him as an actor so maybe I thought I could go if I found a priceline flight that was really really really cheap?" Watching him I could see the range of thoughts running through his head and knew there wasn't a chance in hell I was going to LA.

Turns out I was wrong. Not the first, nor the last time that's gonna happen.  The Chef agreed that a screening with my favorite actor followed by a screening of one of his favorite director's movie was not to be passed up. If I could find a flight under an agreed upon budget I could hit the road.

I started perusing a few flights. Turns out, booking a cross country flight three days in advance is not really a possibility without spending a gazillion dollars. Desperate with teenage fangirl dreams twirling around in my head I reached out to my social media friends. You never know, I said to the Chef. And that's when my night got weirdly awesome. You never ever do know...

About twenty minutes after my tweet hit the world wide web (we should call it that more often dontchya' think?) a friend from high school messaged me. He wanted to give me the miles to make my journey to meet Ewan McGregor. Still giddy like a school girl I replied with an LOL and didn't think for a second that he was serious. And then suddenly he was. He began to send me flights as we discussed our barter agreement. Food for flight sounds good to me.  Within 30 minutes my flight to LA was booked. In just 5 days I would be in the same room as Ewan McGregor. Swoon. 

I closed my computer and flew down the stairs to tell the Chef that somehow the powers of social media and the universe wanted me to be in LA this weekend and my flight was booked thanks to the generosity of our friend. His face turned a bit quirky and seemed to say "does that mean you are actually going to be in the same exact room as your celebrity get out jail free crush also known as one of my top five?" Knowing full well that he was momentarily nervous about my Ewan inspired exhilaration I jumped on his lap, kissed his face, and said "you know there's only one bearded ginger for me don't you?"

Huge THANKS to Brian and the Chef for making it possible for me to cross "Meet Ewan McGregor" off my bucket list.  Don't I have the best Chef ever?

This weekend is gonna be epic. LA here I come.