Meeting Ewan

Last week a strange series of events unfolded, and on Saturday I found myself on a flight to Los Angeles. I had been invited to attend some movie screenings, The Hobbit and The Impossible. Both screenings would be followed by a question & answer by a few key players of the movie. The Hobbit's q & a would feature Peter Jackson and The Impossible's would feature my #1, Mr. Ewan McGregor. As I sat on the plane I couldn't help but ponder what in the hell I was doing. The first Ewan McGregor movie I saw was Shallow Grave. I fell in love immediately. Not only was McGregor a handsome bloke from Scotland but even then almost 20 years ago, his acting talent shone through. He was is my favorite actor.  I have watched every movie he has been in. The good, the bad, the forgettable, the insane, I have been either in the theatre or on the couch watching his talent unfold.

So when I flew to LA, with the end result of my trip be meeting Ewan McGregor, I really had no idea what the fuck I was doing. Chasing celebrities has never really been my thing. What was I going to say? Would he immediately look into my blue eyes and confess his ever dying love for me? Would he be shorter than me? Would I still consider him my #1? What if I accidentally licked his face? All of these insane scenarios and questions raced through my mind as the plane landed at LAX.


Sunday morning began with The Hobbit screening followed by a Q & A with the film's director Peter Jackson. Mr. Jackson spoke about the technology of the film including the decision he made to make it at 48 frames per second, double the standard for movies. The film itself was very good & visually I don't think I have seen anything more stunning. It blew the panties off of Avatar. Unfortunately the majority of you reading this will only get to see it in standard 24 frames per second as most theaters do not have the new technology to show it in it's original form. Boo.

After the screening I headed for some delicious vegan (that's right I said vegan) brunch at Cafe Gratitude. My anticipation was building, as each moment passed was a moment closer to meeting Ewan! After brunch we headed back to the theatre. It was time. Time to meet Ewan Fucking McGregor.

As I said before I am not so fond of chasing celebs. While I admire many, I don't find the need to fawn or intrude. I knew that in meeting Ewan I would have the opportunity to ask for a picture. In the moment our eyes met as he introduced me to his mum, I knew in my heart of hearts it would not be appropriate to ask him for my coveted Widow + Ewan photo. We exchanged pleasantries as we headed into the theatre for his Q & A.

For me meeting Ewan was a surreal experience. Nearly half my life I have wanted to rip his clothes off and profusely make out with him. He has always been something I desired, something I could fantasize about. But when I met him that desire wasn't there, maybe because my meeting him was a dream realized or maybe because all of my true life passion is directed towards the Chef. Who knows? Hot as Ewan is in person (and believe you me HE IS SMOKIN' TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF HOT), all I really wanted to do with him was have a beer and talk about our kids, our families, and movies.

My how times have changed...

Big thanks to Mer, Brian, and most importantly Jonathon for letting me hop on a plane and meet someone I used to want to have hot crazy sex with. 

To see more pictures from my trip check out #meetingewan on instagram.