Nutella Rice Krispy Treats

We went to Noodlecat for lunch last week and the Chef gave the mini's a seasame seed wasabi rice krispy treat (it's the bomb diggity yo) for dessert. Now everytime we go there that's all they want. Screw ramen, give me wasabi rice krispy treat MOM!! Problem is, they aren't a daily item, and today after a long bike ride into the city, the mini's may or may not have been acting like those kids you see on Nanny 911. I did what every good parent would do to get them to not be pyscho & swore on my love of Ewan McGregor that we would make rice krispy treats when we got home.

We got home and I went in search of ingredients. There is not alot to these low fat (HA!) delectables, so I decided to kick it up a notch. I had developed a minor Nutella addiction while living in Italy, and have since then dutifully instilled the same in my children. The boy recently learned how to make his very own peanut butter & nutella sammy and has since eaten one every. single. day. Thank god for baby teeth and hazelnuts (it's healthy I swear!!).

I consulted with my cooking assistants and we all decided that Nutella must be a part of our crispy rice treat.

We gathered the necessary ingredients (above) and went to work. Ten sticky minutes later and our nutella creation was complete. The treats cooled and within moment's I had two very happy kids!**


 **Just a warning to all. Nutella Rice Krispy treats are beyond addictive. I'm not saying I've eaten half of the batch but I'm not saying I didn't either.