34 Years

Tomorrow is the Chef's birthday. 

He is going to be 34 years old and I am proud to have known him for over nineteen years. I am lucky to call him my partner in life, love, and even business. He is a such a good man. He is a solid man who works hard at everything he does and he inspires me daily to a better woman. He is a great cook, a hard worker, a great friend and lover, and he's hella funny. So damn funny. But his really accomplishment in his short life is not the awards he's won or the press he's received. It's not his name in the papers or another restaurant opening. His true value and worth can be seen in his love of our children.

He is the best father I know.

From the moment he wakes up, the minis are first. He cooks them breakfast every single morning and packs their lunches for school. After we watch them hop on the bus at 7 he hops on his bike to ride downtown. I think this is where he clears his head from the constant chaos that is swirling around him. He rides the shore way and admires the lake, in this he finds peace. He usually arrives at The Greenhouse Tavern by 8 and he's off. Between phone calls and meetings every hour, he's running back and forth from the restaurants getting involved in all the crazy facets of owning multiple restaurants. His day usually doesn't end until 9, sometimes later. These days it seems like its always later. He rides his bike home and if the minis are awake his first stop is their bedrooms. He reads the kids books and kisses their foreheads as they lull into dreamland. 

This is my favorite moment of the day. 

We have not chosen an easy path for our life and had the Chef not been the man he is I don't think we would still be standing. Every element in his body pushes him towards love, knowledge, and passion. He puts those he loves before all else. 

The love I have for him comes easy. 

34 years ago a man was born who would group up to become something great, a father. 

Happy Birthday my love. 34 years of greatness, only to get better each moment spent with you!