Unfortuanety today I was asked to take down a tweet (actually a Twitter Blog is what the school called it) that I had posted about the bullying incident on the bus. I complied not because I believed I was in the wrong (I wasn't, it was very respectful, mentioned no one, and was only a call for support & awareness), but because the school system has no idea what Twitter, blogging, or social media is.  A parent (I'm guessing of one of the boys) had obviously seen my tweet and felt something because of it (whether it be shame, embarassment, or sadness we'll never know) and felt that I should censor myself and what happened to my son. When I was asked to take the tweet down, I explained my point of view. My tweet wasn't malicious, hurtful, or controversial. It was honest about a real event that took place in our school with our son. I told my viewpoint as a parent and expressed the fact that I would be writing this post.

For those of you who know me in real life you know that I am probably the most open minded, outspoken, strong, and uncensorsed person you know. I have real thoughts, I form my on conclusions, and I educate myself to constantly keep up with this ever changing world. I am not meek and I sure as hell am not afraid of bullies.

The problem with me taking my tweet down and in fact being asked to do so, is I am being made to feel as though my son's story should not be heard. Yes, I know the school heard it, and yes they did a good job of diffusing the situation. But what about the million other parents out there who don't come forward to talk about something that is happening with their child? Why can't they find comfort in knowing that another parent has gone through the same thing they have gone through? Why the shame in talking about kids who bully younger kids? Why should I have to censor my life? Why????

This is an issue that should be talked about. It shouldn't be embarassing or hidden in a school file drawer. The parents of the bully don't need to hang their head in shame or anger toward the parent of the victim. They need to open their eyes, take a big look in the mirror, and change whatever they know is affecting their own child. Change needs to come to this problem and the only way change can come is if everyone starts talking about it.

Social media is here to stay and I have watched it's power. It is a useful tool in many aspects of our life and has halped me both professionally and personally. I have an enormous support sytem of love that surrounds me everyday because of social media and I am beyond grateful for that. I understand that not everyone understands social media and I am perfectly ok with that. Life changing tools take time to become an integral part of everyone's life. All I know is that I will never be quiet about things I believe, I will never lower my voice because someone is scared of what I might say.

I am proud of my son for speaking up when someone was doing him wrong. I hope he learned it from watching me.