A Bizarrely Fun Weekend

I know it's Tuesday and the weekend has technically been over for two days but I needed some downtime.  

Our weekend was full of some good 'ol fashion tv making fun! We were lucky enough to spend the weekend with my friend Andrew, filming his amazing (and imho, the best) food show out there, Bizarre Foods. Andrew has wanted to come to Cleveland ever since he missed the West Side Market Anniversary Gala due to Hurricane Sandy (he like every other NYC chef got stuck on the island) and it finally happened!

A few months ago, we heard from Andrew and he expressed interest in coming to the CLE. We told him about all the cool things we love about our city and last weekend we found ourselves at home and at the restaurant with a camera crew. As always, good times were had. Andrew is a delight and the Chef was at ease filming. The minis also got their chance at fame & fortune when the crew came over Sunday to check out our vinegar room and chicken coop. Catcher even dragged him upstairs to watch him on the balance board. Oh what fun!

Stay tuned for updates about when our episode will air. So STINKIN' excited!!