A Christmas Carol

Before the Tryouts

A few months back the minis music teacher told me about auditions for Great Lakes Theatre production of "A Christmas Carol." She encouraged them to try out and after we all talked about it as a family they both were game. The Chef and I are constantly seeking new experiences for them because we have always believed experiences are what life is meant to be made of. They both went to the audition knowing full well that it was only for fun and the experience of memorizing a song to sing made them proud. 

We went to Playhouse Square for the tryouts. The girl went first and came out smiling. She had fun and that was all that I wanted for her. A few more kids went in and then it was the boy's turn. A few moments later a woman came out and asked for "Amelia." I grabbed the girl and we headed into the audition room. Turned out the minis did quite well and the director wanted to feel all of us out about the possible commitment being in the play would mean. She spoke to the minis straight on and did not hide the fact that if they did in fact get cast, it would be fun but would also be hard work. She asked if they did get cast would they be interested?

They both said yes.  

A few weeks passed and the director called me. The boy was cast as Tiny Tim and the girl as Young Scrooge, Ignorance, and Sled Boy. They would in fact be a part of the Great Lakes Theatre Company "A Christmas Carol." 

Louisiana as "Ignorance"

Rehearsals start next week and while I am so excited for them I am nervous as well. We are already a very busy family and having theatre rehearsal everyday for two weeks adds a little chaos to the mix. Nonetheless the experience will be well worth it and they will both cherish the memories from it for the rest of their lives.  

Catcher as 'Tiny Tim'

If you are interested in checking out the play this holiday season, head on over to Great Lakes Theatre.