A Haircut from Chaz

You guys,

I hate my hair.  

I chopped it all off last year during a dark, dark period. I had wanted to chop it off for awhile and the drama going on in my professional life allowed me to do it. I liked for a bit but then got super sick of it. 

So I bleached it white. It was ok for awhile but the upkeep got annoying. So I went to a salon I had never been to before and got it dyed red. The dye burnt the shit out of my already fragile hair and ever since mid summer I have been wearing a hat.  

Until now.  

A few months back I was invited to a blogger event at Charles Scott Salon in Rocky River. After the event they emailed and asked me to be an ambassador. Because I live on the other side of town I didn't think I could completely commit to the program. So when my hair turned into a shitshow I shot them an email. that went like this:

Hi Charles Scott, 

Love the salon. Love to be an ambassador however I think we should really go on a hair adventure together. You see my hair is fried, dyed, and short. I've been wearing a hat for three months. For the first time in my life I have BAD HAIR.




Within days the owner of Charles Scott Salon, Mr. Charles Scott himself wrote me back. We set up a meeting and within a week my hair journey had begun. 


Pre Hair Adventure

Because of the massive damage to my hair we are taking it slow. My end goal is long natural hair with highlights. This month we started with my haircut and a little color. I sat in Chaz's chair and no doubt got the best and most thoughtful haircut of my life.  

A haircut with Chaz is like a lesson at beauty school. Chaz is thoughtful and explains everything he is doing and why he is doing it. From the shape of the cut to the angle he holds the scissors Chaz is educating whoever is sitting in his chair.

I loved it.

Chaz's Chair

I like to know what's going on with my hair especially in it's dire strait and when Chaz started explaining the cut I couldn't be happier to listen.  

Afterwards my hair felt healthier.

And shinier. And lighter.

I've noticed that I don't have to "do" it as much and I feel like it's on it's way to stating to grow again!  And it actually looks good in pictures. Hats NO MORE!

My haircut was only the first step in my hair adventure with Charles Scott Salon. I am excited for the journey and can't wait to see what kind of advice, inspiration, and hair I will come home with next!

Realtime Hair (this Saturday!)


Stay Tuned.