A Tale of a Stage Mom

Whoa. Being a stage mom is cuh cuh crazy.

For the past two weeks the minis have been rehearsing for the upcoming "A Christmas Carol" at Playhouse Square. Starting on Tuesdays we go directly from school to Playhouse Square. Rehearsal can last anytime from 4pm-8pm. During that time I hang at the restaurant and work. I grab dinner togo on my way to pick them up and we head home in the pitch black Cleveland night. We eat, then sleep.

We do this on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

On Saturday and Sunday I take the girl to cheerleading and rush downtown the second it ends. They rehearse well into the evening.

When the rehearsals began, the Chef and I were completely expecting the boy to have an adverse reaction to all of the work. But he didn't. Everyday while I waited in the parking lot of Playhouse Square, I coached myself to be prepared for him to declared his hatred for it and his desire to quit.

But he hasn't.

In fact it's quite the opposite. He loves it. He asks to stay during the breaks so he can watch. He practices his lines before school and at night before bed.  He was even cool with getting a "Victorian" haircut. When he found his 3rd grade class was going to take a field trip to see the show he raised his arms high above his head and shouted in jubilee. 

The Chef and I are crazy proud. We have been waiting for him to find something that can make him proud of himself.

I think he might have found it.


If you are interested in checking out the shows that our son Catcher will be playing the role of Tiny Tim they are listed here:

11/26 11:00 am

11/30 1:30 pm

12/1 3:00 pm

12/4 11:00 am

12/6 11:00 am

12/7 7:30 pm

12/10 11:00 am

12/12 11:00 am

12/13 7:30 pm

12/14 1:30 pm

12/15 3:00 pm

12/18 11:00 am

12/19 7:30 pm

12/21 7:30 pm

To secure tickets please visit Great Lakes Theatre Company.