Back to Blonde at Charles Scott Salon

I've realized that at the ripe age of 34 I no longer like to color my hair. In my twenties, I colored my hair seasonally. Blonde in the summer, red in the fall, dark brown in the winter, and back to blonde in the spring. It was my thing. 

This year I have realized that I'm too old for that shit anymore. After chopping all of my hair off last winter after having a lovely nervous breakdown, I couldn't stop messing with my hair. When I get bummed, I mess with my hair. I don't drink or do drugs, I don't overeat. I cut, I dye, I bleach, I repeat. So 2013 turned into not only an awful year professionally but it was also a pretty bad hair year. 

In the summer I dyed my super white hair red. It burnt the shit out of my hair and I've been fixing ever since. 

I partnered up with Charles Scott Salon to journal my experiences. My journey began with a haircut from Chaz and has now led me back to blonde with Keri. I visited the salon last month with a slightly orange red tinted hair. I had seen Keri prior and she put a few highlights in to see how the damaged hair would take. After those grew out a bit I went back in hopes of going back to blonde.

And voila!

Somehow Keri, without causing anymore damage to my hair, managed to turn my Strawberry Shortcake hair into a stunning golden blonde. Honestly, I have never had color done as thoughtfully as Keri did my hair. She knew I wanted blonde but she also used to her education and knowledge  of color in determining how much or how little color my damaged hair could take. 

Charles Scott Blonde

I am obsessed with my color.

So obsessed that I think I am comfortable with it being my year round blonde. It's blonde enough to not make me look like a pale ghost and golden enough to highlight my blue eyes.