Bad Pop Music

The boy LOVES bad pop music. Taylor Swift? Check. One Direction? Check. Justin Beiber? Oh yeah. The Wanted? Obvy.

The Chef and I have always been a bit obsessed with good music. We have a ginormous record collection and before our vintage record player took a turn for the worst, classic vinyl was what we listened too. When we dated in high school we used to fall asleep (in separate beds of course) listening to obscure music the Chef would find at Magnolia Thunderpussy on his white & orange portable boombox. We both pride ourselves on playing awesome music at all of our restaurants and even though we are married with children you can sometimes find us at a rock show melting our faces off. 

The boy not so much. Although he used to rock out to The Ramones, he is now perfectly content with his love of bad pop music. He likes to listen to the radio when we are in the car, and just yesterday he just asked me if I would take him to the Justin Beiber concert. God help us all. I'm totally making the Chef take him.

Even though I tease the boy about his obsession with bad pop music I can't help but love it. He knows what he loves and he embraces it to the fullest. See above.

Do your kids like bad pop music? Are you forced to listed to tweens sing about broken hearts & true love? Or even better, are you a pop music fan?