My Favorite Things on Black Friday

Typing this from my couch in front of the fire I can't help be feel a tinge of sadness for all those people getting mauled on Black Friday. I love to shop and I love me some deals but being around 2000 people fighting for 10% off an HDTV is not my idea of fun. My idea of fun is sharing some of my favorite things of 2013 with you, my lovely readers. Enjoy!

12 Benefits Hair Product Line

12 Benefits is the shit. When I started going to Charles Scott Salon, Keri recommended I use this in my uber damaged hair. I bought a bottle and have been obsessed. I'm not usually one to use hair products daily but 12 Benefits is the exception. 







BOGS Boots

Last summer we went to Alaska and brought Toms as our footwear. By the time we got to Juneau our feet were turning blue and no one was happy. A couple hundred dollars later and #teamsawyer was rocking Bogs boots. We were in love. Our feet were warm, we all matched, and our Toms were packed away for warmer locales. 

My BOGS have now replaced my Sorel boots and are outfitted on the minis and the chef as well. If you need new boots this holiday season, skip the overrated Sorel's and go for the BOGS. I promise you will never look back. 

Flannel Shirts

I am obsessed with bringing back the nineties. From flannel shirts to Babes in Toyland I am insisting that the nineties make a comeback. And if they don't I don't care. I'll be the only one in the crowd rocking a babydoll dress and docs. 





I've got it bad for Docs. I wish that I had held onto mine from eighth grade but sadly I didn't. Last month I bought these gems and I am asking for another pair for Christmas. They go with everything, the are comfy, and they give off that UK homage to punk rock that I so desperately need sometimes. 


PBS is stepping up their tee shirt game. How could anyone not love this amazing Bob Ross tee? PBS has a delectable amount of super cute PBS inspired tees. Great for the PBS lover in the fam. 




I've never totally understood paper-dolls. They never seem to stay on even after all the outfits are folded on. But these might change my mind. Rosie the Riveter paper-dolls might be perfect for your little girl who has been swimming in a sea of princess.