Making Time

I constantly think about this blog. At night when I lay in bed waiting for The Chef to come home from the restaurants I think to myself 'man I should really start writing again.' I muse and ponder about what to write about and when I can't come to a decision the desire to write gets put on the backburner. 

So here I am. Laying in bed, watching Eddie Huang's new show Fresh Off The Boat (the soundtrack is rad) waiting for The Chef to come home. I originally thought I would write about food and getting my kids to eat healthy but then I figured that topic has been exhausted. So I figure I will just write and see how it goes.  


I have been happily working with The Chef at the restaurants. We opened Trentina in July and by God has it been an adventure. We knew it wasn't going to be easy opening a Northern Italian fine dining restaurant in Cleveland and since the opening we have learned many lessons. The restaurant, just like The Greenhouse Tavern in year 1, is growing and evolving into what it's meant to be. I am so proud of our little gem in University Circle and I really do believe that it is quickly becoming one of the best restaurants in this city. The Chef has been in the kitchen every night and the team he has assembled is turning into something special. Avengers Unite! I am excited to follow along for the ride and for the food! Holy moly the food is divine. And I'm not just saying that. See for yourself. 


I myself have plunged full force into the marketing and branding of Team Sawyer Restaurant Group. We've had a pretty good game so far but there is always more that could be done. In a few short years our restaurant group has grown exponentially and we are finally finding our rhythm both in team and family. We now have an immense amount of support behind us and the creative forces that drive the Chef and I are front and center. 2015 is going to be a fun and crazy year. Between balancing work and still having a full life with the minis, maybe I'll even have time for this old friend. 


Women in the Workplace

One day I overheard two men talking about a woman who had recently been promoted at her job to a high level executive position. They were questioning how long it would take until she turned into a complete bitch. The men went on to discuss how when women rose to powerful position in the workplace they became hardened, bossy, and mean and the disgust in their tone led me to believe that they actually believed wholeheartedly the dribble they were spewing. 

I watched an ad yesterday and couldn't help but be reminded of that conversation. I have had my own experience of this kind of rampant sexism and gender inequality. Since opening the restaurant I have heard the rumors and the whispers that have been spread about me. I know that being a strong, outspoken, successful woman has branded me a bitch in the workplace.  I am assertive and I work hard. These should be assets of mine as they are assets for my husband. However the opposite happens, my assertiveness turns into bossiness and my drive is seen as power hungry. I am no doubt looked upon very differently from both men and women alike than my husband is looked upon.

There is a double standard in the workplace when it comes to men & women and this ad highlights it perfectly:

What are you thoughts about gender in the workplace?