Goldfish Swim School

The minis started lessons at Gold Fish Swim School last month and I couldn't be more pleased. Since they were wee ones I have had them in swim lessons. They took them at our old gym (overpriced & shitty teachers), the city high school (freezing cold pool & bad teachers), and with the KISS program (too agressive for my taste). When Goldfish Swim School asked me to review their classes I almost said no in anticipation that these lessons would be similar to those of lessons past. 

I can tell you that I am beyond happy I went forth with the lessons. Louisiana, my 5 year old daughter hated swimming lessons. In fact we left the KISS program early because she hated it with an extreme passion. She sobbed hysterically before and after class. Not wanting to force her into swimming and make her fearful of the water, I hesitated pushing her into Goldfish lessons.

The first lesson, she thrived.

She had her head under water in minutes (something she refused to do in all the other lessons) and by the end of the 30 minutes she was swimming on her own. NO LIE. My 7 year old son knew how to swim underwater before his first lessons at Goldfish and after 2 lessons, he was able to do the front & back crawl. Cuh-razy.

I believe that there are multiple reasons for seeing such amazingly fast results in the minis skill level. The space at Goldfish Swim School is unlike anything I have ever seen. It is a well thought-out layout that is appeasing to all ages with colors and props that you will not see at any other swim lessons. The parents area is thoughtful and comfortable and allows one to watch their children all the while catching up on whatever adult business they need to tend to. The pool itself is broken down into extra wide lanes and is surrounding by glass. The brightly colored changing room and shower are is spacious and allows multiple families enough room to feel like it's private. The teachers are great and obviously excited about their job and the routine of the way lessons start and end is helpful for both children and parents.

Last week we had our last scheduled lesson and today I am signing up again for the month. I think both of my kids we'll be pool ready come this summer all with the help of Goldfish Swimming School.

Because Goldfish Swimming School loves my readers SO SO MUCH they offered to let me giveaway a free birthday party ($450) to one of you! I am so super jelly of this because the space is too cool for school and both of my kids have already requested that they have their birthday parties at Goldfish.

To win:

  • Leave me a question in the comment section about Goldfish Swim School. Ask me anything about the school, the space, the teachers, the color of the toilet seats, whatevs. Just ask. I will post the anwers on this post.
  • Tweet a question about #goldfishswimCLE. Be sure to use the hashtag and @chefswidow.

I will pick a winner on Friday March 22nd, 2013. Good luck fishies. 

(goldfish comped me a month of lessons but I'm a truthful girl. if the lessons sucked I woulda wrote about it too.)

Updated w/ Questions:

What is the class size like?

So far both kids classes have been them and 1-2 other kids. 

What is favorite part of the facility?

Honestly all of it. Everything is so unique down to the rings the kids throw in the pool. There is no where else that looks like Goldfish and I think that is part of the reasons my kids have thrived.