Charles Scott Salon & Spa Saved My Hair

Well friends my hair has finally healed! It's been a long seven months of pretty bad hair and I am pleased to see that my hair is as healthy as it has ever been. Many of the thanks for this belong to Keri U. at Charles Scott Salon & Spa. You may remember that last summer I went from white bleach blonde to red (or as it really was orange straw).

My hair was bad.

I mean really bad. 

Healthy Hair!

Healthy Hair!

So I went to Charles Scott and met with the fabulous Chaz. He gave me a much needed haircut and then he introduced me to colorist extraordinaire Keri. Together we all came up with a plan with my eventual goal being healthy long hair and Keri has been my hair guru ever since. She got all the red out after a few times of meeting and she was very cautious about the health of my hair. We agreed to let it grow and cut the damage out with each visit. Now 7 months later my hair looks like this.

It's healthy, natural, and growing. I love it and it's all thanks to Charles Scott Salon.