Chef Jonathon Sawyer on The Chew

Tuesday was one of the COOLEST days of my life as a Chef's Widow. We came to NYC for spring break this week and the Chef managed to snag himself a spot cooking on ABC's The Chew thanks to our dear friend Michael Symon. We were lucky enough to accompany the Chef to the studio and hang out while he got his makeup and hairdid and even got to sit in the green room while he went on the show!

He made a ramen grilled cheese from his book Noodle Kids and I must say that HE DID AMAZING!!!! I totally started tearing up when he walked on stage. Pride can't even describe how I felt. We had such a great time and to see how much work goes in to producing, filming, directing, and starring on The Chew really shed a light on how badass Michael Symon really is. Hosting a daytime television show is an insane amount of work on top of being an actual Chef and restauranteur. But I guess having a chef's work ethic probably makes it a little less daunting. Either way it was a phenomenal experience all around and I am so grateful we were able to spend the day at The Chew!