Chef's Widow For Life

Da babies

Da babies

The inception of this blog came from a lonely place. Nine years ago I had a new born baby, a teeny tiny apartment in Brooklyn, and a chef husband that worked 80 hour weeks.

I was lonely.

Those days are long gone but for all the game has changed, much has stayed the same. The Chef still works 80 hour weeks but instead of being in one kitchen, he is in multiple kitchens all over. Sometimes he's home at our restaurants, sometimes he's traveling around the country. No more newborns fill our home, now we just have two very big kids and a helluva lot more animals.

It's a goddamn farm over here.

The time we do get to spend together is precious and the time we spend apart still affects us both, like in those early days. I get lonely and introverted, he overworks himself and gets burnt out. The past few months have been a struggle due to a very demanding travel schedule on his end, a restaurant opening on both of our plates, and some other dumb shit that goes along with owning your own businesses. Not mention kids, chickens, dogs, guinea get the idea. Bottom line is this,

We miss each other.

How funny is that? We live together, work together, and raise a family together and somehow are still missing each other.


Ain't love grand?