Chefs Widow Part II


The Chef has been gone since last Thursday and I can truly say I am exhausted. Between the restaurants, school, activities, and the general chaotic ness of a busy family my eyes are slowly closing as I type. 


This weekend was a doozy. We had swimming lessons, soccer games, PSR, cheerleading, choir, and now I find myself sitting in my car watching the girl climb the monkey bars as the boy practices soccer at the local elementary school. All by myself.

These days, five days alone is an eternity. I remember when I welcomed the Chefs' travel schedule. Being the solitary person that I am, I used to embrace those nights alone. You see I was never one of those types who needed to be around their partner day in and day out. I needed space and the Chef was the same. The traveling worked for us and I think it helped us form a strong marriage early on.

Now that the minis are growing up and involved in so many things, the time I used to spend alone after my kids went to bed is now spent driving them here and there and back and forth. And I hate fucking driving.  

I don't know how to get a handle on it. It's only been 5 days but it seems like a month. I'm at a standstill with myself. I want the Chef to travel and I want to support his career but how can I do this all by myself?