Quitting Facebook

For the past year of my life I have contemplated deleting my Facebook account. What was once enjoyable has turned sour for me. Between the misinformation spread daily and the feeling that I am being targeting daily by mass consumerism, I feel dirty. Facebook has turned into the creepy neighbor with binoculars.

I hadn't left the social media giant because a majority of the work I do consists of running Facebook fan pages for our restaurants. To run a fan page you must have a personal account and all eight of our Facbook fan pages are linked to me. I am also a part of my private family group that I didn't want to leave. So I kept it. As my posting decreased, my interest did as well. 

And then I read how the Facebook messenger app could record ANY of my calls. And then I read this, and this, and this. I could read for days and days about the loss of privacy via Facebook. We all know it's happening, but it's pretty easy to turn a blind eye. Hell, it's just Facebook. It's fun, all your friends are on it. Everyone does it. To me, it sounds like a bad science fiction novel: FACEBOOK: a computer infiltrating our homes that learns our facial expressions, records our calls, and can predict our shopping habits. Grodey to the max.

It's probably strange for me to talk about privacy. I mean I am a blogger. The past 11 years of my life are detailed here. If you google me you can find out a lot about me. There are pictures, press, blog posts, videos, the whole gamut. But I think as time passes and my children grow, the idea of constantly talking about myself has grown tiresome. Checking into Facebook was a daily ritual for me and five days ago I stopped.

I deleted facebook. 

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 4.11.36 PM.png

Life has gotten a bit quieter without Facebook. At first I felt like I was missing out on all sorts of thing but after a full 24 hours of looking down at my phone for the missing app that feeling went away. Now I don't even miss it. If I need a social fix I can pop into twitter and see what's happening globally and if I need a little vanity fix I can get selfie on it on Instagram. It's funny though, since I deleted Facebook I haven't felt the pull to post or look at my other social media apps as much. Instead of bringing my phone with me to the playground, I leave it home. Instead of vapidly wasting hours and hours of my life reading pointless Huffington Post (albeit my own that is) articles I find that my drive is a little clearer and life is life again. For me, Facebook had become a negative in my life and 2014 is all about the positive.