Enough is Enough.

So politicians want teachers trained in diversionary tactics and GUNS in CLASSROOMS? Teachers that work in schools that politicians don't think need money or fair paychecks? Wonder who is going to pay for that? 

How about anyone who buys a gun has to be trained in how to own a gun? How about that? How about parents teach their children to respect guns like mine did? How about parents actual pay attention to the TERRIFYING video games that their children play that are filled with murder and violence (google most violent video games and watch them on YouTube, it is the most disgusting thing you will do today I promise)? How about this whole country stops thinking about their own political and financial interests are starts thinking about the value of human life? 

Diversionary tactics for teachers COME ON. I'm sorry but how about proper training and respect for guns. The people who are participating in these mass shootings are not respectful gun owners. They are messed up kids who shouldn't have a gun in the first place. Why do that have a gun? How did they get the gun? As the granddaughter of a police officer and as the niece of hunter I 100% do not have an issue with guns. I believe that people should be able to own guns (maybe not assault riffles and machines because the majority of people aren't RAMBO even if they think they are). However as an EDUCATED woman and MOTHER if I were going to get a gun, I would take a course on how to use said gun, I would research gun safety, I would make a plan to keep a gun safely in my home where my kids couldn't get it. But these kids who are shooting our CHILDREN are not in the right mind. They are getting guns somehow and using them to murder our children. 

I honestly don't know what the answer is on this issue...I don't think any of us do. No matter what political smokescreen we think we believe in. 

There are so many facets of these shootings, mental illness, pharmaceutical drugs, the ease of buying a gun, the violence on our screens, and the complacency with the value of human life to name a few...I do know that the ANSWER is not arming teachers in schools. What makes us think that these sick individuals wouldn't plan to take these guns from our armed teachers and shoot up schools? And honestly if that is the answer for these idiots who run our country, then as a mother and a parent I can't imagine sending my child to school in this country any longer. Our system is so broken in everything. It's no one man's fault. It's all of our faults. It's our fault for paying more attention to the Kardashians than the people we elected who are just lining their pockets with cash from whatever special interest gets their hooks in them. It's our fault for becoming complacent with the value of human life. It's our fault for being lazy. We don't read anymore. We post status updates on our cookie cutter beliefs and we close the computer. We don't talk to each other anymore. We just believe in one thing and count everyone out who believes in something else. We are at war with each other based on what political party we believe (they are the SAME btw) and instead of discussing change like our ancestors did when they created this once beautiful democracy we ignore the travesties that happen in our country because we forgot how to talk to each other. 

There has to be a revolution on all fronts. Everything is so messed up and all we do is rant on Facebook while our children lay in puddles of their own blood.