Heirloom Seed Savers Exchange at Cleveland Public Library

There may be snow on it's way but gardening season is right around the corner. The minis and I recently found out about the heirloom seed savers exchange happening at a few Cleveland public library branches. 

We decided to go to the main branch to check it out. 

A seed saver is the practice of saving seeds or other reproductive material (e.g. tubers) from vegetables, grain, herbs, and flowers for use from year to year for annuals and nuts, tree fruits, and berries for perennials and trees. A seed exchange is when saved seeds are given to a person in exchange for seeds that will come from the fruit and vegetables after the growing season is over. 

When we got to the library we were given a book with different heirloom fruits, veggies, and flowers. Each month a person can "check out" 5 packets of seeds for free. In return they must promise to bring back seeds from their crop. The kids and I got some beans, beets, cukes, tomatoes, and lettuce. 

The Seed Library at Cleveland Public Library 

The Seed Library at Cleveland Public Library 

The library is offering this at a few different branches around Northeast Ohio. For more information please check here.