New Years Goals & Giveaway!

In the new year we are always on top of our game when it comes to health and fitness. Then a few months pass and our new years resolution to stay healthy and fit start to dwindle. By summer we have forgotten all about the promises we made to ourselves way back in January and our news resolution turns into something we will make come next year.

I am so over that trend. So over it that I no longer make New Years Resolutions. I make yearly GOALS. I write them on the wall and they stay there until I make them. Everyday the post it on my mirror reminds me what I want out of the New Year. Last year my goals were to get fit, lose weight, live positively, and do something good for others as often as I could. I am proud to say that I hit them all. I lost 15 lbs. (and I am still losing!), I donating time to volunteering, I focused on all of the good in our lives, and I am well on my way to having Madonna arms. Boom! There are a few things that helped me out to committing to my own goals. Here are a few health-related things that really helped me stay on track and could definitely help you out with your own goals or resolutions:

Eating Plan is KEY

  • I write out a weekly eating plan for myself on Sundays. Since the mornings are usually chaotic as all crazy can be I tend to stick to low carb protein shakes. I love the Muscle Milk french vanilla powder that can be found at Meijer stores. I mix it with almond / coconut milk and add strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries. Sometimes I even add my coffee to it. I eat veggies as snacks all the way up to lunch which I actually make bigger than my dinner. In the afternoon I chomp on some veggies again and then maybe grab a low carb protein bar like Pure Protein bars or sometimes I even make my own like these. 

Work Out Work Out Work Out

  • Working out is part of my plan. It's hard with a busy schedule but it makes such a difference both in the way I look and the way I feel. My favorite workout and massage tool is my foam roller I got from Meijer stores. It is unbelievably amazing and is a great strength builder. I use it in the morning and before bed and I must say it has drastically changed my body. And it's super easy to use!

Be Positive

  • Choosing positivity is the only way to live. Being positive keeps me motivated and it helps me get through some really hard times. Every morning I wake up and I find a positive quote for the day. I screenshot it on my phone and all day long I am reminded of it. It's such a simple act yet it does so much for me. I encourage you to try the same.

I am truly looking forward to a year of fun, fitness, and family! To help kickoff your New Years goals I am giving away a Meijer Stores Prize package that includes a $25 gift card and a 2lb. jar of Muscle Milk protein powder. Enter below.

This post was sponsored by Meijer stores.