Life Experience

One of the things I enjoy most about parenting is the ever-changing landscape of our life. Every day our family creates a new story together and the experiences we create are invaluable to my happiness as well as the minis.

A month ago, I received an email from a film student at NYU. She had seen this interview of the girl and was hoping to have her audition for her final film. We spoke in detail about the project and when I felt I had all of the information I spoke to the Chef. We agreed that if our girl was interested then why not?

Life is about the experience. 

Not expecting anything other than an overenthusiastic YES from our girl, Lou and I found ourselves roadtrippin' to NYC for a movie audition. We sang, we ate junk food, we counted blue cars, and 7 hours later we were in New York City. We spent the weekend enjoying time with friends, a Parisian festival, and the city itself. When it came time for her audition, she was relaxed as pie and had agreed that no matter what happened, our experience of driving to New York City as mom and daughter was a great summer 'grrrls' vacation.  

She was creating her own experience. 

Back to Brooklyn

At 4am this morning, the Chef drove us to the CLE airport. We hopped on a plane to New York City and tonight my baby girl will rehearse for her first ever acting gig. This weekend she will film and star in a short film made on a butterfly farm in upstate New York. One crazy experience turning into another...

Life is neat, dontch'ya think?