The past few months, not excluding this one, have been emotionally draining. We've made some serious changes in what we want our future to look like. That being said, our relationship has taken the brunt of the stress that comes along with making life changing decisions. Not knowing what to do next can be a daunting thing and I think the Chef and I have both been at a loss. 

We have plans. I mean, we have lots of plans. Having plans is having the confidence & means to move forward.

Recently we discovered that our plans have changed and our desires have shifted. We have figured out quite quickly that happiness for us does not mean 10 restaurants in the same city. It doesn't mean replicating an idea just because we can, and it definitely doesn't mean moving into a space we don't love just because someone printed in a newspaper that we were. The Chef and I ride our own wave and for a millisecond we fell off of our board trying to make other people happy before ourselves. 

Chef vs. Cappuccino

And then today happened. We spent the morning hours together drinking head sized cappuccinos & writing a book proposal. We sat in a coffee shop the same way we did in the early days of opening our restaurant. As we finished the proposal we both seemed to know that it was time to change our path. We threw out the pomp & circumstance, pulled back the curtain, and left the coffee shop in search of a simpler life.