New Year's Mantra

This year the kids and I decided to skip resolutions and come up with a plan for what we want to do better in 2013. We decided after a long discussion that we really like helping other people (or animals) who are less fortunate than we are. Our New Years mantra was born. In 2013, the minis and I will volunteer once a month together as a family.

This month we decided to help out a dog named Duey. 


Following any animal rescue on Facebook can be particularly hard for a dog lover. There are so many cute faces posted that so desperately need a home that it's not hard to want to adopt them all. When I saw that the Cleveland Kennel needed a transport to Pittsburgh for a dog that would be rescued there I approached the minis. How would you like to go on a mini road trip tomorrow to help a dog? They agreed immediately and soon we were packing our car with snacks and dog treats in preparation of our journey.  

The next morning we headed down to the kennel and picked up Duey. Duey, a handsome pitbull who was lucky enough to escape certain death with our drive to Pittsburgh, was more than thrilled to be out of that kennel. The minis gave him a few treats as we headed towards his new home.


Our drive to Pittsburgh with Duey was filled with conversations about life and death and animals and families. It was an eye opening experience not only for the minis, but for me as well. Sometimes we think because our children are so young that they don't understand the complexity this life can bring. But by the end of Duey's freedom drive to Pittsburgh the minis completely understood that what did that day felt good and was good. Not only for us but for Duey and his new family. 

Do you have a New Year's Mantra or did you make a resolution for 2013?