No-Poo is Not For Me

You may or may not have heard of the current Pinterest hair rage. It's called No-Poo and it means NO SHAMPOO. The thinking behind the No-Poo movement is that all the chemicals and bad shit used in shampoo is most damaging to your hair and the buildup it causes changes your hairs molecular makeup.

Being the natural loving girl that I am I decided to take a chance on No-Poo.  I read blog posts and pins and read about every aspect of the No-Poo experience. I read about how people's hair drastically changed for the better after no-poo'ing. I prepared myself and made a plan to start right before the Christmas holiday that way if my hair looked like shit, it would look like shit at home. 

Armed with baking powder and Tavern Vinegar I began to no-poo. The first time I did the baking soda rinse and vinegar conditioner I immediately noticed the change. My hair felt stripped of it's softness and my ends were raw. I changed the baking soda ratio to less and waited a few days for my next wash. Over the course of four weeks my hair went from soft and shiny to oily and straw-like. One day my hair would look normal, the next awful. When it looked awful I couldn't style it. Blowing it out would make it looked matted down and letting it air-dry turned my hair into an oily frizz ball. 

At week five I started to look into other ways to no-poo. The baking soda / vinegar wash wasn't working and I was miserable. I read a few people who used shampoo bars and vinegar rinse as way to no-poo.  I did a little research and found this shampoo bar :

I started using the bar as a replacement for the baking soda and continued with the vinegar rinse. I gave this a chance for approximately two more weeks. My hair was oily and dry at the same time (how does that happen????). My breaking point came when I need a haricut. My hair was crazy but in the six weeks of no-pooing it grew almost two inches. The growth gave me a reverse mullet and I knew I had to go see Keri at Charles Scott Salon. In my head I was trying to figure out a way to ask her not to wash my hair but as l looked at the oil bomb on top of my head I decided to throw in the towel. I would let Keri wash my hair with good 'ol fashion cancer causing shampoo and conditioner. 

My hair looked and felt better than it had in weeks and I knew that I would never pick up the baking soda again.  After my experiment with no-poo I did learn one thing. I didn't want the chemicals in traditional shampoo going back on my head. Since then I have been messing around with natural shampoos and conditioners and after a few try's I found this combination works for me. 

While no-poo didn't work for me I have no doubt that it may work for others. I think the key is having thick hair (which I don't). It was a cool experience and I could feel the change in the strength of my hair. I think residue that is left on your hair from traditional shampoo's most definitely affects your hair negatively and I don't think I will be going back. 

Have you no-poo'd?