Opening Day

In a little over 24 hours the Chef and I will open our most challenging project yet. It has taken two years to create and has come close to tearing us apart at the seams. 


It's not easy being ambitious nor is it easy when you dream big. If you let it, making those dreams come true can overtake your life. 

I love Trentina. I love each and everything thing about her. I love watching the Chef in her kitchen, his eyes twinkling as he cooks. A light is back inside of him that was almost taken away after a very long battle that could have cost him the Tavern and everything else he has built. It didn't though. He fought for it and all those people who count on us even though the fight nearly destroyed him. 

The Chef is BACK. 

His passion for the food. His desire to create. His drive to be the best. That light and love is here again. And it's better than ever. 

Seeing the Chef back in action is almost enough to make this chef's widow lonliness disappear. Almost.  

We open for dinner tomorrow night and I couldn't be more proud of this sweet little restaurant that we built together. I also can't wait to get my husband back!!