Oscars Anniversary

NYC 2003

10 years ago I went to New York City on a whim. My best friend / ex high school boyfriend lived in the city and worked as a chef. I was finishing school and he invited me down for the weekend. I had never been to the city and was immediately 
overwhelmed with an obsessive love as I got my first taste of life outside of Ohio. 

We walked around New York City hopping in and out of restaurants and bars until we happened upon a tiny, empty bar in Times Square. As we sat at the bar I noticed the Oscars had just started. We would be in for the long. As we drank wine & our teeth turned purple the long awards show plowed. Chicago ended up taking the win for best picture and I ended up taking the win for best decision of my life.

In their Oscar swag trying to stay awake for the show

In their Oscar swag trying to stay awake for the show

Last night we watched The Oscars as a family. Louisiana fell asleep after the red carpet and Catcher managed to make it to see Harry Potter. Before they crashed we spoke about the night 10 years ago when the Chef and I drank red wine together and watched the Oscars in a tiny, empty bar in Times Square not ever imagining what life would turn out to be.

We told them how that night was the spark that began the story of us.

The show holds a special place in our hearts no matter how silly or strange (ummm Michelle Obama really?)or long it is. The Oscars is a glamourous reminder for our little family of how our ever evolving story began. Watching The Oscars together has quickly become a #teamsawyer tradition.

“You’re all standing up because you feel bad because I fell and that’s really embarrassing"

BTW, how awesomely refreshing is Jennifer Lawrence?

Did you watch The Oscars last night? Favorite moments? Extreme dilikes (the boob song possibly)? Best dressed? Spill it.