The Power of Positivity

After reading an article about Dr. Masuru Emoto's rice experiment I started thinking about our own lives. For a long time we had to be focused on the negative, not by our choice, but for our survival. The Chef and I decided to test out the rice experiment in our restaurant and it was so successful that we ended up testing the rice twice.

Since the experiment took pace I have found myself starting the day with something positive. Whether I post a quote on social media (I never understood why people did this until I started & found that by posting a positive insight my entire day was mapped out for the better) or I listen to a song at full volume,  I am making the conscious effort to focus all of my energy on having the best day possible. It sounds so hokey, but I am here to tell you. IT WORKS. There is so much to be grateful for in this life and so much more good than bad. Unfortunately sometimes the bad can overtake the good without us even realizing. Just look at the news. 9 out 10 stories are negative. We forget how much the positive can do for our soul. When you leave the negative behind, your soul changes. The anger, the stress, the worry all seems to dissipate the second you focus on that positive thought, song, or moment. 

The Chef and I have surely noticed a change. We are both much happier not only in being able to deal better, but our relationship has definitely been evolving. Our love has always been very important to both of us, we work hard at it. Sometimes during times of duress and struggle we pushed our relationship aside and while we never really had issues, I don't think we knew how good it could actually be. Just by focusing our energy on the good & positive naturally turned into a relationship booster. We are better this way.  It's quite strange because since we have started honing in on our positivity really amazing things have been happening not only to us, but for our kids, our family, our restaurants, and our friends. Maybe they have always been happening, who knows, now it just may be easier to see. 

Do you focus on daily positivity? If so how do you do it? What do you use to remind yourself not to get sucked in to the dark of the world? How do you focus on the light?