Friendship & Business

As always we are finding ourselves evolving. The beauty and depravity of the restaurant industry is that it is always changing. Everyday is a new learning experience. People come and go as the menu changes. 4 years ago, we had no idea what the fuck we were doing. In the time passed, the Chef and I have learnied what works for us, our restaurant, and his food. Sometimes we have learned tough lessons through failure, sometime we have taken great strides through inspiration and accolades.

We are ever evolving.

Part of being in the industry is growing up inside of it. We have always been idealistic with our beliefs, hopes, and dreams. We dream big and we usually don't take no for an answer. We strive to win, we reach for success  and we drive ourselves to push harder, cook better, and kill. 

As we push for more, we find ourselves needing more help. Over the past few years we have grown up with our restaurants. We have become family to those who work in them and sometimes family doesn't always get along. As our restaurants family begins to grow so does the need for help. The Chef can't be the end all answer guy for everyone and this simple fact has been hard to accept (both for him and others). But the fact is, we are running a business. We are running multiple businesses that support our family and about 100 employee's families. Sometimes choices have to be made that choose the business first. They may not be pretty choices, but as an adult and as a mother, I know that the hardest decisions usually turn out being the best made.

The restaurant industry can be tricky. It's a super fun industry to work in and many friendships and relationships can develop. In the beginning, when we first moved back to Cleveland we tried to hang. We tried to be friends with everyone we worked with. As our business opened and grew we quickly realized that the friendship/boss relationship is detrimental to all involved. We lost a friend over a business decision in the beginning and since then, the Chef and I have tried to distance ourselves from the social aspects of our industry.

But it's hard.

We are human beings who have feelings and emotions. We care about the people we work alongside with. We want to know them, love them, and be a part of their lives. As time passes we can't help but feel close to certain people and our guard comes down. We forget momentarily that we are running multiple businesses and we let friendship in. We let the wall down we worked so hard to build up and when it comes crashing down,

the line between friendship and business is easily blurred.

When the line is blurred, things get tricky. Advantages can and are usually taken. We find ourselves once again in a tough spot. No one wants a friendship to change, but sometimes it must for the good of all. Decisions are made and sometimes not everyone agrees with them. Resentment and anger can build. Friends affected take it personally. They use our decisions against us and lash out, telling anyone and everyone who will listen how awful we are. We take it personally. I take it personally.  

That's the problem with friendship and business.

Once again, lesson learned.