Splash Infuser

Over here at Chef's Widow it's no secret we like to imbibe. With the holidays coming closer we find ourselves dreaming of specialty cocktails. Recently we found out about a Midwestern kickstarter campaign for the Splash Infuser:

The Splash Infuser is a patented healthy beverage device that allows you to rapidly customize the flavor of your water. The Splash has a 2-part design, a bottom infusion container and a top muddler lid. Simply drop your ingredients in, twist the muddler lid to blend and release the flavors, and drop the Splash into your favorite drinking container. The Splash was designed to motivate users to skip out on sugary, high-calorie drinks and start creating their own healthy concoctions using natural ingredients like fruit and herbs. With the Splash Infuser, the possibilities to create healthy, tasty beverages are endless!

The kind folks over at Cardboard Helicopter sent me a splash infuser to try out on my own. 

We used the splash infuser with lemon balm and orange peels for some workout water. Our kids enjoyed the naturally flavored water and loved seeing the infuser work it's magic. Next stop, boozeville. With the holidays just around the corners, this Splash Infuser guide will be a handy tool when coming up with my holiday cocktail list.

Check out their kickstarter, with only a week to go this midwestern product is so close to their end goal! Check them out and donate, these Splash Infusers would make great stocking stuffers and holiday gifts.