The Daffy Derangement of The Upside Down Show

The Upside Down ShowLast Saturday the best friend came over and we shared a bottle of vin.  The kids played like maniacs and then crashed like junkies.  Since we hadn't finished the bottle yet we turned on the boob tube and found the most tripped out kids show ever.  Besides the original tripster we like to call Yooooooooooo Gabba Gabba!! The Upside Down Show is like the super dank for toddlers.  Seriously we turned it on and both kids were in crying hysterics for the entire duration.   We had to know their secrets...

So we sat down.  We watched.  They laughed.  We laughed.  

The premise is insanity and creativity.  It is all based on the pretend play & mime of The Umbilical Brothers, two brothers played by Shane Dundas and David Collins. Two Aussies who have seriously perfect toddler comedy.  

With television raising so many children today, I have vowed not to let ours play a vital role in my children's life.  We have rules and time limits and in the summer I get rid of the cable all together.  

The Upside Down Show is something I can get behind.  It is creative and funny (really funny to 3 year olds), and my son doesn't want to fight after watching it.  A+ in my book.  Judge for yourself:


Of course as I was writing this post I discovered that Nick has now cancelled this.  Good thing I have the Tivo.