Crazy on Craigslist****UPDATED

The following emails are real unedited emails between myself and a gentleman named Frank (all sent between 10am-11am).  And when I say gentleman I really mean a crazy on Craigslist: 10am

Dear Frank, Thank you for responding to my ad on Craigslist.  I am so glad you like the crib I am selling.  I am firm on the price and would love to show it to you. Widow


Dear Widow, Can I see the crib this hour?  Can you make this happen?  I live nearby and am real interested. Frank


Dear Widow, Why arn't you answered me?  All I want is to see the item YOU put on Craigslist.  Why arn't you answering my emails?  I would really like to see this crib now. Frank **Mind you I'm driving at this moment in time and am not about to respond to this crazy however it has become somewhat amusing at this point and my own insanity really wants to see what comes next from Frank.


Dear Widow, This is really  unbelievale.  I have written you 7 times and have yet to hear from you regarding the crib you for sale.  Is this ad a joke?  Why hasn't responded?  Are you ever going to write me back? Frank


Dear Widow, Does this crib have any dents or scratches causes if it does I'm only paying $100.  Frank


Dear Frank, Again thank you for writing.  I am sorry but I cannot show you the crib within the hour.  Nor can I ever show you this crib while there is blood flowing through my body and breath i n my lungs.  Enjoy what's left of your life. Widow

Obviously I did not allow this crazy from Craigslist even come remotely close to our home. And I still sold the crib.

*****A new email from a different crazy arrived this morning:

Hi there!

i saw your advert 29-07-2009 on Craigs strongsville for sale - Title : convertible crib amp changing table dresser cherry

looks like you got what I want, if its so i'll gladly make you a fair offer you can't refuse :-).

if its still available can you get back to me asap before i get something not as good ?

Just email me straight back would ya?

Why are there so many loonies on Craigslist?  And why are they looking at cribs?  Lord knows they should not be procreating!

4 more to days to win some kick ass Widow Swag. I just added some more goodies to the mix including wine, memory sticks, and the August issue of Bon Appetit.