Carrots & Boobs

Well looks like my days of nursing Biggie Smalls are coming to a screeching halt.  When I started working on Saturday nights at Bar Cento, we decided to try formula in a bottle.  As you know Biggie was having nothing to do with the bottle.  A friend suggested that I try formula in the bottle and now the rest is history.  She went from hating the bottle & loving my boob to hating my boob and absolutely adoring the formula bottle.  I kept nursing for a couple weeks and each day it got less & less. Pretty soon my boobs were only good during the night and super early am.  Now not so much.  I still have milk however when I pump nothing comes out.  I am so so so so so bummed.  I really like being able to get out and work one night a week but I really don't like that it has ending all things boobs.  Hopefully she will keep taking me boob even if it's only for a minute or two.  That's gotta be something right? Since Biggie has snubbed my hooha's I decided to introduce some real food.  This week we started with super yummy organic carrots.  I steamed em and then mushed them up.  I did a whole bunch.  She wanted them all.  She went crazzzzy for the carrot.  I think she just loves the food.  Just like Biggie.  Hopefully she'll pass on the crack dealing on Flatbush & the drive by's.

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