Kings of Leon Be On Fire

2009-05-13_7853 The Chef's doesn't hold grudges and he rarely gets mad at me.  He is not a jealous soul and our relationship is quite independent of one another.  He does however have beef with me.  His beef has always been with my uncanny ability to meet/hangout with rockstars.  This ability reached it's peak about a year before the Chef & I got back together.  It really just consisted of me (& my heterosexual life mate Jacqueline) going to shows and somehow ending up backstage.  There was never any sex (at least on my end) and it was never a big deal in my mind.  We just hung out.  With famous musicians.

After the Chef & I got together this ability to meet & hangout with bands got put on the back burner.  The Chef DID NOT want his girl going backstage and hanging out with rockstars. Completely understandable.  However there has been strife with this ruling.  When were at NIN I was asked if I wanted to go back stage by the stage manager.  I asked if the Chef could come as well.  They said yes and he said HELL NO.  At the time I was a bit bummed but eventually my love and loyalty to the Chef made me not give a damn about going backstage anymore.  Plus I'm pushin 30 and that's like 60 in rockstar.


Last night my uncanny ability shone through a bit.  While enjoying some fine vin at Lola I happened upon the Kings of Leon.  They were dining and their bouncer offered us free tickets to the show.  I told me friend I would ask the Chef and if he was cool with it I would go.  Pausing for clarification:  I don't need to ask the Chef's permission for anything I do or want to do.  But out of respect for his sensitivity towards my concert past I choose too.  Moving on.


I went to the show.  And I am very glad I did.  While I have always liked KOL I have never held them near & dear.  I do now.  Four things I immediately noticed at the show:

1~ On a few songs I definately heard the band's Who influence.  I know nothing about the band and their influences but that one was kinda hard to miss.  Plus they are ON POINT live.  On point.

2~ I put the lead singer in my top 5 after I saw their video for 'Use Somebody."  Dead sexy.  Up close & personal I realized he looks like the Chef, ca. 2003.  It seems as though everyone who is in my top 5 is starting to resemble my husband.  Looks as though I may have developed a type.

3~ Musicians and Chefs are alot alike.  The stage is their kitchen and watching the band was kind of like watching The Greenhouse Tavern's kitchen.  Symbiotic and flowing with an ultimate outcome of pure beauty.

4~ Although we don't do concerts well together, I really would have enjoyed the Chef's company.  He has always inspired my musical tastes because his kick ass and I would have liked for him to have seen such a fantastic live rock & roll show.

Although not as good as being front & center at the show,  I did manage to get some video of the show.  Including my absolute favorite song Use Somebody.  Cheers & Beers bitches.

Use Somebody

My Party

On Call