Sex & the City zombies ate my brain

Carrie Bradshaw Zombie Boobs This past Saturday I found myself working at the chef's restaurant.  About an hour into the Saturday night rush, Patrick, the computer genius came up to me and wanted to discuss his theory about the evening.  He said that he noticed there was a very different crowd in the restaurant.  And there was.

Cleveland is a male dominated city.  In bars & restaurants the ratio tends to be 7:1.  Seriously.  That night the ratio was even.  For every guy there was a girl.  A girl dressed to the nines with fake Christian Louboutin heels and all.  Shit some of the girls had hats on.  I swear.  Patrick expressed that because SATC came out on Friday every single girl in the city saw it and was on the prowl on Saturday eve.

As the night progressed the obvious correlation of the movie coming out and and all the cosmo drinking ladies out on the town became more and more evident.  It wasn't as gracefully and scripted as SATC but it was still hella funny.  Nothing like watching barely dressed girls in knock offs to put a smile on your face.