To Bikram or Not to Bikram, That is the Question?

Bikram Teacher Training

This past month I have really stepped my game up and joined a new yoga studio.  I have been going five times a week and I have absolutely re-fallen in love with the practice.

During my previous life as a New Yorker, a Bikram studio was a hop skip and a jump away from our pad in the slope and I practiced pretty regularly. That is until I got knocked up with Biggie Smalls. Then I stopped because I was nervous  about the high temps and the baby. A few months later we moved back to the CLE and my ass hasn't done Bikram yoga since.

I found my new studio in one of those junk mail newspapers and I saw that they offered power yoga. They described the class as strong yoga in a heated room (75° ). It is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Especially because I have been so out of the whole workout/exercise thing. My flexibility is all coming back to me and my balance is strengthening. But ultimately my heart yearns for Bikram. The poses, the super heat(105° ), the humidity(40%), all make Bikram so appealing to me. Not to mention the massive weight loss (10lbs in my first week alone). But my heart is broken as their is now Bikram yoga studio in Ohio. At all. Not one.

I know that I would love to open a Bikram yoga studio in Cleveland. I think that the city would embrace it and it would be relatively easy to run. The Bikram studio in Brooklyn was literally one room and a bathroom (w/shower). The classes were all day long and I never went to one that wasn't filled. The only hardship with making this dream a reality would be the fact that I would have to become a trained Bikram teacher. To do that I have to practice Bikram (somewhere??) for a year, apply to school, and then move to LA for 3 months if I get in. Whoa.

I am not quite sure how that would work. But I really really really know for a fact 100% that this is something I MUST do in my life. For myself. I just don't have a clue how.