43 Years of Aging Gracefully

1965 Mick Jagger (Hot Damn!)

2008 Mick Jagger 

Although Mick looks like a deranged grandpa above, I still think that he looks natural.  The man has enough money to do a little nip tuck but to me it looks as though he's taken the natural route.  Good for him.

I am unsure of how I will proceed with aging.  I am quite vain and I have already noticed some serious wrinklege around my eyes. I wish I didn't smile & laugh so much.

Just kidding.  Sort of.

What your thoughts on aging gracefully?  Would you go under the knife?  Would you do cosmetics procedures like Botox or are you just gonna go au natutrale?  Also are you attracted to people that age naturally?  Or do you prefer the forever young?