I Am Proud of My Plumber's Ass


Can you believe that I thought I was fat in this picture?  I would cut my big toe off while drinking fish oil for that stomach.

I started boot camp 4 weeks ago today.  I wake up two days a week @ 5am and workout (with weights & cardio) for an hour.  I am amazed at myself.  I am NOT the workout type chick.  I will do any crazy ass diet that you may suggest however working out ain't my thing.  Before kids I snowboarded so every season I would lose all the weight I gained prior and never have to lift a finger.  Then the kiddos were born, I broke my ankle, and my bad ass board and boots have ben shelved.  After Louisiana I realized that I had really packed on the lbs.  I lost most of my pregnancy weight however my body decided to keep an extra ten.  For warmth.  Right?

When I decided to go to Paris I also decided that the Lemon Cleanse was not going to work this time around and I needed a different approach.  I found this Boot Camp online, asked my friend from Cento if she wanted to do it with me, and signed up for the class.  The first day was crazy hard.  The class was all free weights and strength training.  Something completely unknown to me.  I went home at 6.45 am exhausted, in pain, and ready for bed.

After the first week I found myself a little bit happier.  The days that I went to boot camp inspired me to work out on the days that I didn't.  I noticed that if I didn't do some kind of exercise during the day I would be grumpy by nightfall.  Now I am at week four and I am about to get my fat measured.  I am down a pants size and my most favorite pair of jeans reveal my ass crack way more than normal.  And I feel good.  

When I started the boot camp the Chef thought I was crazy.  Now his ass wakes up everyday, runs three miles before work, bike 5 miles at work, and runs another three miles at the end of the day.  It's his fifteenth day of this routine and I couldn't be more proud.  Although it is borderline psycho, I just have to remember that he has an ex-wrestler's crazy ass metabolism and weird mental thing about working out.  

I am really excited about the entire thing.  It has given me a discipline that I have never had in my life.  Even when I played tennis, I slacked.  You could usually find me smoking in my Explorer in between my matches. Totally kidding.  I would never do anything like that...


****If you are in the CLE are and are looking to do the boot camp, tell 'em I sent you.