Puff People

I never set out to be in public relations.

I went to business school solely on the belief that no matter what I did it would involve travel and bizness. After spending a few years working the event planning nightclub circuit in Manhattan I knew I had a knack for pr. It was easy for me to drum up press based on what I thought was cool and before too long I had my hands full of public relations bliss.

When we moved back to Cleveland to open The Greenhouse Tavern I had planned to stay home with the minis and host part time. Before we opened I began promoting the restaurant on Facebook and a blog I ran for the Chef. I spoke about our time before we opened and I began to use social media as a tool to promote the Chef, our lives, and our restaurant. We had planned on hiring a publicist at the beginning stages but ultimately decided against it after we saw the $7,000 a month fee. I decided that I would immerse myself in public relations side of our business and have been doing it ever since.

So you can imagine my disdain when I saw this lovely comment posted on an article about the Chef being a finalist for the James Beard Foundation Awards Best Chef: Great Lakes.

When I see comments like this I get extremely irritated.  The Chef works quite hard for the accolades he receives and anyone who thinks he doesn't has obviously never met him.

I too work hard at what I do.

Not only am I raising 2 kids on my own 80% of the time but I am also working for the restaurants and my husband's career. I do not have a nanny (mind you I would kill for one) nor do I have an assistant or staff. It's all me.

I am the mother fucking publicist. 

Which is why I thought responding to good 'ol Cleve-Wonk. was necessary...

By the way Cleve-Wonk, these guys aren't 'decent' chefs as you so delicately put it. They are GREAT chefs. Hence the accolades...