Eyelash Extensions + Giveaway

Bloggers can be such vain mo fo's and I'm no exception. Most of my vanity gets lost in translation, partly because I have no time for it and partly because the mom in me secretly wants to wear sweatpants and wife beaters all day. Every now and then the vain girl inside of me wants to look hot. I want heads to turn when I walk into a room and I want the Chef to do a double take and then ask me for my number. Looking good has always made me feel good and the month that the Chef went away, I definitely did not look good. While the Chef was in Italy for a month I turned into that girl. I wore yoga pants in public and didn't put on makeup once. Seriously, not once. I think I even managed to go old school hippie and skip the shower for multiple days. No need to shower if I'm not getting any ya know? By the time his trip was coming to an end, the minis and I began to get ready to meet him. As I started packing for our trip, I noticed what a hot, hot mess I had become. My eyes were dark, my skin translucent, and my hair looked like a bad ombre job. I was most definitely not scoring a 10 on the hotness scale.

I decided I need to get beautified. I needed my swagger back before I could see the Chef.

Awhile back I got a message from Christine who runs Skin Deep. Skin Deep is a studio that offers all sorts of permanent makeup and paramedical procedures including breast cancer areola restoration. Christine was curious if I had ever considered getting eyelash extensions. I replied with a 'what in the hell are eyelash extensions?' Turns out eyelash extensions are individual eyelashes glued to your own eyelash that last about a month and make your eyes look like they always have mascara on. They look like falsies but you can't feel them at all. Being the lazy vain person that I am, I agreed to test them out for my trip to Italy. I headed to Christine's studio, Skin Deep and went for it.

A few hours later and my eyes were no longer my own:

Please ignore my dark circles. Sleep was limited that month.

The lash extensions took about 2 hours but have lasted the entire month of June. We left for Italy the following day and the while we were travelling didn't I apply mascara once. All I did, was brush and go. The eyelash extensions that Christine gave me were super duper convenient, beautiful and fun.  I would easily get them done again for every single vacation we take. Hell, I might even start getting them normally. 22 days after Christine gave me eyelash extensions and I look like this. Not bad right?

still with the dark circles jeesh, do I ever sleep?


Christine of Skin Deep Permanent Makeup*** has generously offered all of you good people $50 off of an eyelash extension service. All you need to do is mention Chef's Widow when you make the appointment. Christine is also donating a full eyelash extension to one of you lucky readers in the form of a fabulous giveaway!!!

To enter all you need to do is tell me your most INDULGENT beauty treatment or service in the comments. I will pick a winner this Friday. Good luck bitches.


****Besides from donating this awesome giveaway Christine also does really amazing work for breast cancer survivors. From Christine:" The most important work I do is tattooing aureolas for women whom have lost theirs due to mastectomies. It's such a terrible thing when these brave women believe they are deformed after surviving such an ordeal."